Frank McGrogan
Mike Hricik
Dave Tiberi

The Leafs are an American four-piece rock group hailing from Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Following the beginning of The Chocolate Milk Crisis's 2007 hiatus, two of its former members, drummer Dave Tiberi and guitarist Kevin Loya, wanted to form a new project. Dave had played with Frank McGrogan, a fellow Geibel student, singer, songwriter, and guitarist, a few times for school functions and recognized a musical connection. Frank was also pursuing musicians for a band. He, Dave, and Kevin came to a consensus. They would start a band under the name Overdrive. Frank had been teaching childhood friend and Mt. Pleasant High School student Mike Hricik to play bass, recommending the other guys to allow him to join Overdrive.

After one jam session, Dave, Frank, Kevin, and Mike knew this would be the beginning of a beautiful union. Initially gigging with a medley of covers by Tom Petty, The Clarks, and Boston that summer, Overdrive found loyal fans in the Connellsville area. The band formally changed its name to The Leafs in 2008. The Leafs quench PA's thirst for rock 'n' roll and will continue to do so, even when humans colonize space.